> AITCP Training Partner Management System Login

The AITCP Certified Trainer Management System provides Certified Trainers with record keeping and event management tools and provides access to exclusive content and materials, including accreditation logos. If you have questions about obtaining an AITCP Trainer ID, or if you have any problems logging into the AITCP Certified Trainer Management System, contact

AITCP Member Management System

If you are an AITCP member, then you can use the separate As a Certified Trainer you are required to maintain a Certified Trainer Management account separately from your existing Member Management account. To access your basic member profile information, including your certification and exam history, you need to log into the separate AITCP Member Management System. For access to this system, click the AITCP Login link on the top right at any time while visiting the Arcitura Education Web site.

AITCP Training Partner Management System

If you represent an organization that is an Arcitura Licenced Training Partner or Authorized Training Partner, then you will need to log into the AITCP Training Partner Management System for access to event management tools, billing information and course files. If you are employed or contracted by a training partner, then you Certified Trainer account will need to be connected to a training partner account. Contact for details.

AITCP Partner ID: